Saturday, March 21, 2015

52 nd trip to Kuching - 63,600 km (13 March'15)

Daisy and Inul resting on my lap
On this trip Daisy looks sick because she suffering from a swelling of the flesh on her right cheek.

 This is our first trip for 2015.  Mama Daisy is not at all looking well but she has to come on board because she needed to be taken care of.  She is getting old and weak.  She has been with us now for more than 12 years.  Her conditions seemed bad this time around because of a swelling on her right cheek.  Fospa promised to take care of Mama Daisy in Kuching.  Get her well quickly.  On this 52nd trip to Kuching we made the following pit stops: Selangau -for lunch, Jakar - for afternoon tea, Sebangkoi - to rest the engines, Temudok - for a 30 minutes rest before doing the last non-stop lap of the journey to Kuching.  On this trip there was hardly any rain and it took us 11 hours to complete the 600 km journey inclusive of pit-stops and rest.  We left Bintulu at 9.30 am and arrived Kuching at 8.30 pm.  With this trip our record stands at 63,600 km.
Newly built shophouses at Jakar.  Jakar is near Sarikei, a small rural post just outside the town of Sarikei.

The garden environment around the Sebangkoi rest area

A bird's nest fern attached to a big liana or junglw climber at Sebangkoi rest area.

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