Wednesday, June 18, 2014

49th trip to Bintulu - 10 June'14 (57,400 km)

View of front gate and tall palm trees   

At the jump seat
 There will be more pictures of Inul in this post.  Mama Daisy is not feeling well, so no need to show my self-portrait.  Inul is the heroine today.  She's an admirable adult now and getting used to traveling long distances.  This trip we started late at around 10 am because there were lots of packaging to be done.  Imagine the other day fospa stripped one whole mango tree of its fruits.  All the fruits were packed in boxes to be brought to Bintulu, though some we have shared among close friends and relatives in Kuching too.
Inul gets excited to kick off the journey..

Sharing the alley
 We did a few pit stops.  First was Serian for breakfast and reading the morning papers.  From Serian it was a direct route to Sarikei.  We did not enter Sarikei town proper, but instead opted to stop by at Jakar - a little town just outside Sarikei.  At Jakar fospa bought lots of the Kasai fruits.  Here the price per kilo was so far the cheapest in Sarawak i.e. RM 6 per kilo.
Pit-stop at Jakar, a small town outside Sarikei

Hawking at Jakar

Kasai ( Pometia pinnata) fruits sold quite cheaply in Jakar if compared to other towns ..RM 6/kilo

Rest area at Sri Aman.... while fospa and fosma having lunch

Arrived at Laman pitch darkness, 10.30 pm
10 June'14
From Jakar, we proceeded straight to Sibu.  We stopped only for refueling at Sibu.  After Sibu we stopped at Selangau for dinner.  We arrived at about 10.30 pm.  On this trip our record reaches its  57,400 km mark.

Monday, June 9, 2014

48th trip to Kuching in Gawai traffic

 This 48th trip to Kuching has been exceptional in that the journey took us 13 hours.  Two main reasons for the extra long hours spent traveling were, firstly; the Gawai trafic and secondly the problem with tyre balancing.  It was only in Sibu that we managed to get a workshop to balance the front tyres.  Once balanced the driving was much more pleasant.  Throughout the journey there were many cars on the road because many native peoples  of Sarawak were returning home to their longhouses to celebrate the Gawai festival.  Long queues were the order of the day.
Long queue before reaching Sibu

Sibu Central market - where we stopped for lunch

Inul and Mama Daisy having lunch too

Mama Daisy looking frail.  Inul is as good as ever. Very healthy.

An interesting and practical toilet design as seen at a rest area near Saratok

Mama Daisy at the house gate in Kuching.
Time : 11.30 pm
Cumulative distance achieved : 56,800 km, on this 48 trip to Kuching.
29 May'14

48th trip to Bintulu in pictures

Note: Above are pictures of the 48th trip to Bintulu
Cumulative distance achieved : 56,200 km
Date of trip : 24 April'14

47th trip to Kuching in pictures

Note: Above are pictures about the 47th trip to Kuching
Date of trip : 14 April 2014
Cumulative distance achieved : 55,600 km