Sunday, April 12, 2015

53rd trip to Bintulu (64,200 km) - 8th April'15

Mama Daisy all set to go back to Bintulu, not feeling well.
The growth on her right cheek is partly seen in the picture.

 We have been staying for about three weeks in Kuching.  Mama Daisy  wasn't feeling good throughout the stay because of the pain around her right cheek.  In Kuching we were able to get some medicine to cure it.  When the wound was about to dry out fospa decided to leave Kuching.  We left Kuching around 9.30 am on the 8th of April and arrived Bintulu around 8.30 pm.  The whole journey was fine but Mama did not eat much.  She has lost appetite to eat.  We made the following pit stops - Serian (for breakfast), Jakar (for a short a afternoon tea) and Selangau (last pit stop before proceeding to Bintulu, and for dinner).  With this trip our cumulative traveling distance reached 64,200 km.

Inul looks out at the Selangau pit stop area

Wide selection of cakes and goodies for breakfast at Serian

Typical Sarawak trunk road and country  view

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