Thursday, October 31, 2013

45th trip to Kuching - 53,200 km added

View of Sibu town in the distant as we drove on the Ulu Lanang tol bridge.

Road after Ulu Lanang tol bridge,Sibu.
ETD Bintulu - 10.00 am
ETA Kuching - 8.15 pm
 On this 45th trip to Kuching we encountered many stretches of the Sarawak trunk road under repair.  This is an ongoing project by the Federal government to make driving along the country road more safe.  Thus for many years to come they will be more such works undertaken and more inconvenience to road users.  First pit stop was at Selangau for an early lunch.  At the car park where we rested, we saw a small Pulasan (Malay) tree bearing young fruits.  Selangau is a convenient stop over between Bintulu and Sibu.  It is a one and a half hour drive from Bintulu.

Young fruits of the 'Pulasan' at car park, Selangau.

Mama Daisy resting on the dashboard at Sebangkoi rest area, Sarikei.
 After Selangau we drove direct to Sarikei, by-passing the town of Sibu.  As usual we prefer to take the 2nd pit stop at Selangau.  Fospa had a good stroll at the park.  Below are some views fospa took of the park at Selangau.
Water lily pond at Sebangkoi rest area, Sarikei.

Path walk around the Sebangkoi rest area, Sarikei.

Forest view at Sebangkoi rest area, Sarikei.
 Views of the federal project for Sarawak :
On many stretches of the Sarawak trunk road from Kuching to Miri will be constructed overtaking lanes to help out in the safety and driving convenience of the trunk road users.  This project will take on a few years and started in 2012 in a big way.....
Overtaking lane under construction

A completed overtaking lane along Sarawak trunk road

Entrance to Sri Aman town from Temudok rest area.

Mountain view on approaching Serian

Medium rain while approaching Kuching city.
It has been a long but safe journey.  Fospa and fosma shared the driving.  Inul was a good girl this time around. One a while she would allowed me to rest my head on her back as pillow.  Thanks Inul--you are a sweet girl!