Thursday, August 29, 2013

45th trip to Bintulu - 26 August'13 (52,600 km)

Fospa resting his arm on Mama's back....fantastic therapy

 It has been about two weeks that we spent the holidays in Kuching.  Now that the Hari Raya celebrations are over, fospa decided that we should go back to Bintulu on Monday, 26th of August.  On this 45th trip to Bintulu we had an additional passenger on board.  Fospa and fosma agreed to give him a free ride to Bintulu.  We started the journey around 9.30 am in fine weather. 
Mama Daisy and Inul having a last look at the house..

 Underneath the leaves cover is hidden our special passenger.  The leaves were taken from the garden to be used as shield against the hot sun.  The special passenger is a tomcat belonging to fospa's niece.

 First pit stop was at Serian.  At the Serian fish market there were many foreign tourists who took pictures and having fun time talking to the fish mongers about the different types of fishes for sale.

Sibu traffic junction..
 Inul saw many buses and lorries stopping at Selangau.  Selangau is the last pit stop before we drove straight to Bintulu.  From Selangau it took us 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Bintulu.
Canteen at Selangau....
 We left Selangau at 7.30 pm ....and arrived Bintulu at around 9.00 pm.
Blackie...the special passenger
With this trip we achieved a cumulative distance of 52,600 km.

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