Sunday, July 21, 2013

43rd trip to Kuching (50,800 km)

 We are back on the road again after a long rest (two months) in Bintulu.
Inul as usual will get a bit nervous for the initial 30 minutes, after that it was smooth sailing as we clocked in to the latest record of 50,800 km of accumulated travel on Sarawak country road.  At left (inset) is a typical scene of landscaping of longhouses along the long country road with the colourful leaves of Croton as favourite species.
A row of wild cinnamon trees provides a beautiful backdrop with their yellow to red flushes.
Cinnamomum iners (Wild cinnamon)

Entering Sibu town with  the longest stretch of Saga trees ( Adenanthera pavonina) planted on the road than anywhere else in Sarawak towns.

 On this trip we took a long break at Sibu i.e. close to an hour for refuelling the car and to buy Kasai fruits at the Sibu Central market.  Only in Sibu you can buy Kasai fruits at RM 10 a kilo.  This fruit is gaining popularity as it is sweet and tasty like the longans.
Close -up of the Kasai fruit ( Pometia pinnata)

 The Kasai fruits can appear greenish or blackish when ripe.  Both are equally sweet and delicious.
Fosma bought 3 kilos as these fruits have a long shelf life and they intend to breakfast with these fruits come Ramadhan in Kuching.

On the way from Sarikei to Betong, fospa stopped the car for photoshooting session of the Cassia javanica trees.
Cassia Javanica
Family : Leguminosae - Bean family

The flowers are a beautiful deep pink.

 More views of the Sarawak country road..........this is the type of road the Sarawakians use to drive to travel from the northern most point of Miri and the southern most point of Kuching, for the last perhaps 50 years 5#8??/)))!!!

View of the sunset, towards Serian.
It took us 11 hours to travell from Bintulu to Kuching this 43rd trip to Kuching.  With this trip our accumulated travelling distance reached its 50,000 km mark.  ETD BTU - 9.30 am ; ETA KCH - 8.30 pm.

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