Friday, July 26, 2013

44th trip to Bintulu (51,400 km)

 On this 44th trip to Bintulu, Inul and Mama Daisy accompanied fospa.  Fosma decided to drive the black Myvi to Bintulu for use during the Hari Raya there because fosis and her husband  from KL will be spending a few days of raya in Bintulu.
We left Kuching at 9.30 in the morning and the whole journey took about 11 hours.
Here's more pics of our 44th trip to Bintulu.

Road under repair between Serian and Sri Aman

On this trip the sky was blue throughout Sarawak's countryside.  We encountered not a single drop of rain.

Just before reaching the Sebangkoi pit stop i.e. about 36 km away from Sarikei we passed by an accident scene.   The policemen were seen busy doing their investigation works .  Fospa took a bit of time to inquire from the people about the accident.  Apparently a motorcyclist that tried to overtake a lorry couldn't make it in time and instead got into a head-on collision with an oncoming Kancil car.  The woman driver and passenger of the car were badly hurt but unfortunately the young male motorcyclist was killed in the accident.
Scene of an accident involving a Kancil car and a motorcylce at Sg. Kedang, 36 km from Sarikei.

The black Myvi driven by fosma is ahead of us...

Inul takes a rest at Selangau pit stop.

Driving closer to Bintulu we saw the moonlight night.  Fospa decided to take a picture of the moon (see inset).
Fosma arrived earlier at the farm than us.
We only arrived home at 8.30 pm.
With this trip we clocked in another 600 km, thus making a total of 51,400 km of  accumulated travelling time for Mama.
Mama Daisy is a calm, patient and keen traveller.  Inul is just following in her catwalk ......
The moon at the farm on our arrival.

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