Tuesday, February 11, 2014

46th trip to Kuching - 8 Feb'14 (54,400 km)

Inul and Mama Daisy sharing the jump seat...

 On the 8th of February we took to the road again after staying slightly more than two months in Bintulu.  On this journey we were driven by fospa all the way from Bintulu to Kuching while fosma took care of us.  We started the journey around 9.30 am and arrived Kuching about 8.30 pm. We made many pit stops on this journey to take pictures, re-fuelling purposes and to cool down the car engine. The weather all the way was fine, without any rain.  The first pit stop was at Selangau (see inset) where we had an early lunch.  After that Sibu was just by-passed and we settled to take extended rest at Teku and the Temudok Rest Area.  The Temudok Rest Area is just out of the Sri Aman town and was re-opened after having renovated for about two months ago.  Below is the picture showing some renovations and new paintworks to the rest area building.
Temudok Rest Area, just outside the town of Sri Aman
 More views of rural Sarawak ...
Almost ripe - view of paddy fields before arriving the town of Sri Aman.

Pepper planting near Sri Aman

Pepper planting near Sri Aman

Old pepper posts still standing but not planted with pepper vines ...inter-crop with corn

Daisy being alerted on arrival..watches as the gate opens...
Ariival time 8.30 pm..
 With this 46th trip to Kuching we've clocked in another 600 km to our travel and thus the record now stands at 54, 400 km.

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