Tuesday, February 25, 2014

47th trip to Bintulu - 23 Feb'14 (55,000 km)

Mama Daisy getting ready for the long journey..

Inul take a last look at the garden.
 Mama Daisy was well informed about the journey to Bintulu a couple of days ago.  It's a family tradition. Fospa and fosma would normally talk to Mama about any intention to go travelling to Bintulu.  This makes her ready to adapt for the long journey.  Inul was also being informed a few days ago.  So today at about 9.30 am we left our home in Kuching to start our long journey to Bintulu.  On this 47th trip to Bintulu,  fospa decided not to make too many pit stops. Thus we only made pit stops at Serian for breakfast, Betong for lunch, Sibu for refuelling and finally Selangau for an early dinner.  We arrived Bintulu at 8.30 pm in fine weather.  Indeed there was no rain throughout the long 11 hours journey.
Road from Sibu town to Sibu airport.

Last roundabout after leaving Sibu towards the long journey to Bintulu..
From Sibu it is a 3-hours journey to Bintulu (inclusive of pitstop at Selangau)

Inul at Sibu pitstop

Selangau pitstop parking area.

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