Sunday, August 10, 2014

49th trip to Kuching - 31 July'14 (60,000 km)

 We continue our adventure come this Hari Raya.  After spending 3 days of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in Bintulu, fospa and fosma decided to spend the rest of the Hari Raya holidays in Kuching.  It is somewhat a family tradition now to spend the Hari Raya both at Bintulu and Kuching.  On this 49th trip, we gonna achieve a clean 60,000 km traveling record.  The worst stretch of road on the Sarawak country trunk road from Bintulu to Kuching is the Tatau- Selangau portion.  There are many pot holes, bumpy areas, depressions and patchy works along the stretch.   The journey was on the whole fine and we experienced no rain at all throughout the 11 hours journey.  We started from Bintulu at about 10 am and arrived Kuching by 9 pm.  We didn't have many pit stops.  We had pit stops at Selangau, Sibu and Sri Aman.  At Sri Aman pit stop called "Temudok Rest Area", situated just outside the Sri Aman town there were many varieties of local fruits sold.  What was important on this trip was to arrive in Kuching safely, which we did.
Temudok rest area, outside the town of Sri Aman.
Inul needing some comforting

Inul doesn't really care for Mama Daisy.  Poor Mama is growing old now and wouldn't like to fight for the jump seat with Inul.

A selection of fruits sold at the  Temudok rest area.

Nyekak, Pakan (Iban); Durian Kuning (Malay)
Durio kutejensis

Tampoi Paya (Malay)
Baccaurea bracteata
Arriving in Kuching at around 9 pm.

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