Wednesday, December 31, 2014

50th trip to Bintulu - 60,600 km (22 August'14)

Our car parked beneath a flowering Tabebuia rosea tree at Serian.

 After an extended stay in Kuching, we were ready to return back to Bintulu.  We left early, around 9.15 am and arrived Bintulu at night around 8.30 pm.  It was raining for the most part of the journey especially from Sibu to Tatau, we encountered heavy rains.  Not many pictures were taken on this trip.   However there were many pictures taken of cakes in Serian.  Serian is the first pit stop after Kuching.  It is here that fospa and fosma would take their morning breakfast at every start of the long journey to Bintulu.  With this trip we achieved a totoal of 60,600 km.
Cakes sold a plenty at Serian hawkers centre

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