Wednesday, December 31, 2014

51st trip to Kuching - 62,400 km (26 Nov'14)

At the jump seat
 In many of our recent travels, Inul is becoming more naughty and brave.  Inul likes to squeeze with Mama Daisy for a share of the jump seat (see inset).  Apparently Mama Daisy is getting kinder and more compassionate as she ages.  This is our 51st trip to Kuching.  The purpose is mainly to attend fospa's nephew wedding.  We left Bintulu at around 9.15 am and arrived Kuching at abour 8.30 pm. We had lunch at Selangau.  We did not stop at Sibu town, just by passed it.  Just before arriving Kuching we stopped at Siburan town to buy Kentucky fried chicken for dinner.  Inul loves KFC, too...hmmmm yummy yummy...
Inul looking lout at Selangau pit stop area

View of Selangau shops.  We had lunch here.

Last pit stop was at Siburan.
Inul loves to eat Kentucky fried chicken too..

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